Biscui9thead press kit
PA Spec pdf


PA Spec

4 DIs (we bring them)
5 to 8 mics (depending on room size):


sound engineer

4 vocal mics (we bring one wireless SM58)
1 bass drum mic
ukulele DI (needs mains power)
piano DI (needs mains power)
tuba DI
french horn DI
at least one monitor mix


plus, in larger venues
1 snare mic
2 overheads


Mixing notes
The most important thing is that the audience can hear the lyrics; we don’t necessarily need to be very loud.
Please EQ the tuba flattish, don't worry if it's a bit raspy; sounding like a tuba rather than a bass guitar.

Please avoid using a gate on the bass drum. Some songs have much quieter drums and hits can be lost if the threshold is too high

No reverb please!