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On which side does a camel part it's hair?  When is Austria?  Does cheese affect my credit rating? All these questions can be answered by Biscuithead and the Biscuit Badgers.


From time immemorial these four musicians have stood at the gateway of nonsense begging for peanuts. Spending most of their time trapped in force fields and vortices, occasionally they're released to stalk the streets of Leeds. Then you might hear the plaintive cry of Sam’s tuba, the mournful crow of Dean’s ukulele, the excited jazzy croaking of Bob’s piano or the purr of Matty’s drums.


This band is riotously odd; jolly and engaging but peculiar too. There's a calypso about land hermit crabs, a celebration of David Attenborough, a lament at the passing of dinosaurs.


Have a listen, they might cure you.

Dinosaurs Ate My Caravan

Yes! Copies of our all new sixteen-track album are now available.

"My favourite album of the year...every track on it is a gem.
The lyrics are a thing of beauty"

Alan Raw, BBC Introducing

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Here's our latest video

Josie Tothill was just 14 when she made it. We loved it so much we re-recorded cheese!







here's our Dinosaurs video




and here's one about Soy Milk




Leaning over a wall

BBC 6 Music Introducing

"Sometimes I love bands because their music is so exquisitely crafted and sometimes simply because it's irresistibly daft. In the case of Biscuithead and the Biscuit Badgers it's both!"

Tom Robinson
BBC 6 Music


The Dinosaurs Ate My Caravan Song Book

Dinosaurs Ate My Caravan Song Book

Who needs CDs? Make your own entertainment with this song book. 50 pages long, with all the songs from the new album with the tune, the words and ukulele chords.

You can buy a genuine book or download it.


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