You've discovered Biscuithead & the Biscuit Badgers and you've had a listen to our wonderful music.
Now's the time for you to become a fan.
There are myriad (well, eleven) tiers of fandom to which you can aspire.
Tiers to suit all pockets and all levels of fanatic zeal.

If you're outside the UK please email for shipping costs

Tier number one is free.

Put yourself on the mailinglist and you'll never miss a gig.


join our mailinglist


and if you get bored with us you can come off the list whenever you like.



Tier number two
you're already on the list and you'd like to commit a little more.


Buy a badge


or rather, three badges for £1


Dinosaurs Ate My Caravan



Tier number three
you're on the list and wearing your badge.

Now it's time to buy a CD.

Our albums, Dinosaurs Ate My Caravan (pre-release copies), Interspecies Disco and The Greatest Show on Toast are only £5 each.


We've cleverly spread our best songs over all of them: £15 for all three


Choose your CDs
Dinosaurs postcard

Tier number four
you're wearing your badge and listening to our music but there are relatives overseas who you must inform of our biscuity goodness.


Buy some postcards of cut-out-and-keep biscuity action figures. If you buy anything else we usually throw one in, but if you'd like more they're 5 for £1

and when you've made a scene with your cut-out biscuit badgers send us a photo for our gallery!


Tier number five
you love your action figures but context is all.


Buy the Biscuithead & the Biscuit Badgers A4 Dinosaurs Diorama



Zebra poster

Tier number six
you're playing with your diorama and listening to our music, but your bedroom wall is bare.


Buy a Biscuithead & the Biscuit Badgers A3 Poster

£2, but they're a faff to post, so come to a gig and buy one!


Gigs page

Tier number seven
the poster is on your wall, you're listening to your CDs and playing with your diorama and they're all lovely, but how to replicate the live experience?

You need a 3d photograph.

Buy our souvenir selection- six 6"x4" photos and a pair of 3D glasses for only £3


We also do a 3d photographic poster - 45cm x 30cm with a pair of 3d glasses.


It's like we're really there - only smaller.


They're £3 but a faff to post, so ask us at a gig.


Gigs page


Tier number eight
a 10"x8" 3d photograph in a Golden Frame
The man said that it's solid gold but we suspect it might be mdf under a layer of golden spray paint.
Comes with 2 pairs of 3d glasses.


Dinosaurs sheet music



Tier number nine is free!

Show your dedication by downloading our

Sheet Music and performing it to your friends..


Choose from Dinosaurs or

The Seaweed under the Sofa




















Dinosaurs Ate My Caravan Song Book

Tier number ten


If two songs isn't enoughfor you, splash out on the Dinosaurs Ate My Caravan Song Book

It's 50 pages long and contains all the songs from the album with the tune, the words and ukulele chords.

You can get it as a genuine book (that's what we recommend) £7

or a download £4.50



Song Book Download

flipbook kit



Instruction video

Tier number eleven
is the absolute pinnacle of fandom.

Buying this item will mark you out as a true and loyal fan of Biscuithead & the Biscuit Badgers.


This item is a unique piece of band merchandise and no other band in the world will offer it to you.

Each one is lovingly collated by a member of the Biscuithead & the Biscuit Badgers rhythm section.

Only with Biscuithead & the Biscuit Badgers do you have the opportunity to own a

3d Cinematic Flipbook

The top tier of fandom ladies and gentlemen


Tom Robinson - BBC 6 Music

It's £6

It comes in kit form and contains photos, card, 3D glasses - everything you need to make your own Biscuithead & the Biscuit Badgers 3D flipbook - all you need is glue, scissors and a couple of clothes pegs.

Once you have your kit just click on the instruction video button and Sam will guide you through the joyous assembly process.

Which one?


Instruction video

Matthew plays the cymbals












Dean plays Ukulele













Sam plays the tuba